Azulejos Ceramics

Azulejos Ceramics


Nine images showcasing the vibrant Azulejos Ceramic decorative tile-work, typical of Portuguese and Spanish decorative arts.  The work is dominated by blue and white, hence the name: azul which means blue (the color) in both languages.  

Azulejos are a typical painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile work or object.  They are ever present in the last five hundred years of Portuguese & Spanish architectural culture. They were and are used to decorate interiors and exteriors of churches, Palaces, homes and public spaces such as train stations and can be found on walls, floors, ceilings and in the form of decorative objects also for ritual use in the catholic church.  

A wonderful gift for collectors of china, those interested in decorative arts in general or curious about european and portuguese history. Illustrated storycard describing each image in English and French, includes matching gift box. Hand made, artisanal and decorative arts are your thing? Check out more here.

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