Renoir: Impressionism

Renoir: Impressionism


Nine images taken from Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Impressionist masterpiece, 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' (1880-1881, Oil on Canvas). The painting conveys the light-hearted leisurely mood of the restaurant's patrons, as well as the character of mid/late 19th-century French social structure, embodying their post-revolutionary motto: Liberté, égalité, fraternity (Liberty, Equality and Fraternity). 

Welcoming customers of many classes including bourgeois businessmen, society women, artists (Renoir and Caillebotte), actresses, writers (Guy de Maupassant), critics and, with the new, shorter work week as a result of the industrial revolution, seamstresses and shop girls.

Includes a very special oversized storycard showing a large full image of the entire painting as well as descriptions of the representation of each individual section.  Produced in collaboration with the Phillips Collection. 

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