Mughal Jewelry - the golden age

Mughal Jewelry - the golden age


Images of nine magnificent jeweled items are engraved, enameled, gilded and carved with extraordinary talent of skilled master craftsmen and artists.  As a form of art, the extraordinary jewelry of Mughal India is perhaps the most exceptional of any culture in history.

The style of Indian Jewelry we know today was strongly influenced by the Mughal Emperors, of Persian origin, starting in the 16th century.  As well as creating jewelry to wear, opulent jeweled daggers, flasks, bowls, boxes, plates and many other objects were produced for the maharajahs and their courts, featured on this cube.  

Includes a detailed storycard recounting historical information on every treasure and a matching gift box. Produced in collaboration with the Al-Sabah collection. If you like this, you might like our tribal, Asian Art, middle eastern and hand made titles

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