Monet: Impressionism

Monet: Impressionism


Nine images show waterscape paintings by perhaps the most well-known impressionist artist, Claude Monet. Water was one of his favorite subjects and, in fact, perhaps his most well-known series of paintings is that of the waterlilies in a French garden pond, one of the cornerstone images included  here.

Paintings of the Grand Canal in Venice, the French Riviera, English channel, River Seine and River Thames are also included in this ethereal collection of paintings by the most iconic representative of the impressionist movement.

Includes a matching gift box and an oversized storycard displaying the full images and explanations of each painting's significance in terms of imagery as well as for the artist.  Also includes a bonus 9" x 14" image of one of the works. Produced in collaboration with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Interested in Monet? Check out the related titles here. 

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