Menorahs - Decorative Arts

Menorahs - Decorative Arts


Nine images of different Menorahs celebrate a history of precious artisan metalwork. A survey of the world's most foremost collection of the 8-branched candelabra called a 'Menorah' or 'Hannukiah' from the Jewish Museum in New York City. 

This selection represents a visual survey of the dispersion of the Jewish people across many continents and the continuity of their culture over many centuries.  Each artisan's work encodes historical events, Jewish law, artistic expression, and personal experiences.  Works include pieces from the 16th century to the modern day, from Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, India, Israel and the United States.  They mirror the time and place in which they were made and the story behind their creation. Produced in collaboration with the Jewish Museum. 

Includes an illustrated storycard with historical descriptions of each image and a matching gift box.  

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