Las Vegas - mid-century design

Las Vegas - mid-century design


Nine images of the original mid-century Las Vegas in all its glory capturing the signage that first brightened up the city and welcomed the gamers, long before it was transformed into today's modern metropolis.  A hip gift for the contemporary art crowd, lovers of vintage design and photo buffs.

The storycard is oversized (11" x 17") showing the full photos, addresses and descriptions of the actual locations of each shot in Las Vegas. On the back is a colorful evocative poster showing the same red vintage 60's Oldsmobile parked in the shadows of the setting Las Vegas sun shown on the cube.

The contemporary photos showcase the stunning blue desert skies as a backdrop to photojournalist Benedetta Pignatelli's pictorial essay on how this piece of the west was won, see her work on New York's Central Park and Paris. See more titles on photography and great cities

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