Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women


Nine images of one of the most important subjects of ukiyo-e prints, the beautiful women of the Floating World', with their gorgeous kimono and elaborate hairstyles. Ukiyo-e are japanese woodblock prints. Paintings and prints in this theme were known as bijin-ga, Pictures of Beauties. 

The most frequent subjects were the elegant courtesans who were not only beautiful but extensively trained in traditional arts such as poetry, calligraphy, and painting. In addition to full-length and half-length portraits of beautiful women, artists of the 1790s produced dramatic, close-up bust portraits, sometimes with glittering mica added to the background color to set off the face of the beauty.

Includes matching gift box and fully illustrated storycard explaining the technique and history of this art form and the individual images.  Produced in collaboration with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. 

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