Greek Goddesses of Love

Greek Goddesses of Love


Nine images of Aphrodite, or Venus as she was known to the Ancient Romans.  One of the most powerful ancient Greek divinities and a favorite subject in ancient art, contemporary reception of the goddess has focused on her legacy as an icon of romantic love and ideal beauty. Instead, ancient literary and visual sources describe a much more varied, complex and even, dangerous goddess.

She is revealed as the most popular ancient goddess in her roles as patroness of brides, sea-farers and warriors, and agent of political harmony, adulterous seductress, instigator of sexual desire, mother to mischievous Eros and sexual outliers Hermaphrodite and Priapos.  

Includes a matching gift box and a detailed storycard describing the origins and history of each work of art.  Produced in collaboration with the Boston MFA. Other representations of goddesses are found on our Women in Art and Mythology in Art titles. Click here for all of our titles showcasing depictions of women. 

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