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We love non profits. Check out fundraisers, customization and free swag for your event!


1. Anyone can help a cause! Create your fundraiser below & w

e donate 20% !

2. Contact us for customization. We've made thousands of different designs for non profits including museums, universities, hospitals, schools, libraries, dance troupes, theaters, etc. Let us help you tell your donor, visitor, customer, audience your wonderful individual story. 

3.  We offer product from our selection as a giveaway at your non profit fundraising event as welcome gifts and prizes for gala attendees.  Tell us about your great event!


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By submitting this form, you authorize to donate 20% of the profits from every sale made with your assigned code to the indicated charity.
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You can find this number on the website of most non-profits. If you cannot find it, provide as much information as you can.
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Small print! We use the 501c-3 number as proof of non-profit status in order to guarantee the purchaser that the sums are being donated to the specific non-profit organization. Many charities do not have a 501c-3 but we still may recognize them (for example a boy/girl scout troop, garden club, school athletic league etc.) Please email us relevant links to websites, social media, info, etc. for consideration.  

Information provided will only be used by us to communicate with you and, if necessary, the recipient charity you have designated. We do not share your information with anyone else. 

You do not need to use our post to promote your code, feel free to create your own post or promotion.  

We will report to you every business day regarding your campaign. We will provide you with an updated list of who has made a purchase using your code and how many items they purchased at the end of your 30-day campaign.  We will make the donation directly to the organization. A receipt for the overall donation is available. 

Currently we can handle a limited number of codes so they are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We apologize if we cannot accommodate your request.  Codes are limited to 30 days to give access to as many people/causes as possible to create their campaign.

Donations are not tax-deductible for donors. Percentage of proceeds donated is calculated after shipping & handling.